Friday, August 9, 2013

Huge Pokemon Update: Mega Evolutions

Wow this is some pretty cool stuff. Pokemon recently announced mega evolution's for the new X and Y games coming out and they look pretty damn awesome.

My favorite ones are Blaziken and Ampharos so far and I cannot wait to see what other pokemon get these mega evolutions. The big news about these evolutions is that they are only going to happen during a battle and are not actually a fourth part to the evolution chain.

I think it is a positive move for pokemon as they have always been doing the safe thing and keeping the games similar as jwitzz said, but I believe this is a positive step for pokemon.

 I personally prefer the 4th gen and before as those were the ones i enjoyed most. I enjoyed the 5th gen but I feel as i kind of rushed myself towards the end of the game and that was my fault. I dont think I will be playing X and Y soon since i dont have a 3DS and to be honest I dont see myself buying one soon as I am saving up for a car.

What are your thoughts on this HUGE news??

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